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ARABELLA Welcome logo ARABELLA Inc. is a federally incorporated, independently-funded, entrepreneurial publishing and consulting enterprise. The company head offices are in St Andrews by the Sea, New Brunswick and has a virtual staff of 30 editors, writers, photographers, designers, web support and computer technicians located across Canada and the US.


Our Mission

ARABELLA is dedicated to supporting and promoting creative talent and related businesses through specialty print and digital media publishing, special events/destination marketing, and professional development programs. We believe in the power of arts and culture in building stronger communities, national identity and economic development.


The Premier Canadian
Art, Architecture & Design Magazine

ARABELLA, our major magazine publication, is now in its ninth year and is distributed across Canada (Chapters & Indigo, Coles and Smith Books) and the US (Barnes & Noble, Books a Million) and has a global digital circulation on all major platforms. With each quarterly issue we reach 200,000+ readers.

ARABELLA's print and digital publications play a critical role in presenting Canadian creative talent to the widest possible audience while providing in-depth, visually compelling insight into the best of art, residential architecture, landscaping, interior design and luxury lifestyle products and services.


Our Vision - Beyond the Boundaries

Vol 11 Iss1 ARABELLA Cover ARABELLA's vision is to go Beyond the Boundaries of conventional publications and produce the most exquisite Canadian Art, Architecture & Design magazine for consumers who aspire, are achieving, or have already accomplished a luxury life style and have a passion for transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary and living life well. It's about beauty in all its forms and providing readers with an unforgetable reading experience!

With layout and design features unlike any other North American print or digital magazine, each issue (which is more like a book) provides visually compelling, in-depth information and insight on the best of art, residential architecture, landscaping, interior design and luxury lifestyle products and services from the traditional to the contemporary, from the local to the internationally inspired.

Editorial Strategy
Our editorial strategy is quite simply on creating the most beautiful and compelling magazine for showcasing the exceptional art, architecture, and fabulous design products and services available to Canadian and US consumers.

Editorial Plan

Unique & Captivating Content!
ARABELLA presents original, in-depth narrative and visual features designed to take readers on an artistic and engaging journey that lasts beyond a quick scan and becomes a lasting visual and narrative treasure.

Reading as Art - A Sumptuous Journey!
It starts with a visually appealing cover uncluttered with text and follows through the magazine with in-depth editorials and over 500 large scale photographic images in each issue providing advertisers with an unparalleled setting for gaining and securing reader attention.

Irresistible Advertising & Editorial!
Advertisers become a seamless part of the reading journey with positioning and extensive colour coordination serving to maintain the readers' sense of flow, artistic integrity and engagement. The editorial content works in conjunction with advertising messages to motivate readers to action.

Make a Lasting Impression!
ARABELLA is artistically and editorially designed to ensure that it is treated more like a book and keepsake. Special memories are not to be forgotten! Its crossover format - magazine/coffee table book - extends the readership audience to well over 200,000 per issue and each magazine has a shelf life of 3-6 years.

ARABELLA creates an unforgettable memory!


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