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  • Artist to Collect: Fidel Ccana
  • Artist to Collect: Jay Redbird
  • Artist to Collect: Bob Kebic
  • Artist to Collect: Vicki McFarland
  • Architecture & Design: Collingwood
  • Artist to Collect: David Kitler
  • Artist to Collect: Debra Lynn Carroll


ARABELLA provides unique, in-depth visual and narrative access to the world of contemporary art, architecture & design from a Canadian perspective. We go beyond the boundaries of conventional, mainstream magazine publishing and editorial to offer a beautiful and engaging reading experience that truly showcases the exceptional art, architecture and design products and services available to Canadian & US consumers.

ARABELLA's unique focus on art, residential architecture, landscaping, interior design and luxury lifestyle products and services provides an ideal platform for a wide range of arts, culture and lifestyle businesses and organizations.

Artists and galleries that are interested in telling their stories and increasing market visibility and sales are able to take advantage of our special promotion rates - 50% off our National advertising rates and access to our specialist coaching and consulting services.

To learn more and arrange an introductory call please contact us by filling out the following form. In the comments section please give us a time to contact you and have an in-depth discussion about your business and your needs. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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ARABELLA is focused on promoting and selling the exceptional art, architecture and fabulous design products and services available to Canadian & US consumers. We offer a special advertising experience unmatched by any other publication. 0ur visual format and layout is unique in displaying creative projects and art works to maximum benefit. Original, in-depth narrative and visual story telling take readers on an engaging, artistic journey that lasts well beyond a quick scan and becomes a lasting treasure. Let us help you make a lasting impression!


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