The Art of Storytelling

Do You Have a Story to Tell?

Guiding Principle.
We have one key guiding principle - that excellence in storytelling is pivotal for successful branding and marketing. We believe that advertising and persuasion is an art; and that in order to serve our business clients ARABELLA must offer a truly "artful" form of storytelling. What this means is that we offer original, in-depth, personally engaging stories and large format, full-colour imagery that connects with readers in a way that is the next best thing to being in front of a work of art in person!

Make A Strong Personal and Visual Impact!
Unlike more academically-oriented publications that offer excellent critical art dialogue and education, the feedback we receive supports the idea that art lovers and consumers are more motivated by being able to feel a personal connection and have a strong visual experience of artistic works and the people involved.

In most cases this is best achieved through gallery or on-site visits, but the ARABELLA print medium has an extremely strong power of influence. There is nothing more compelling than holding and flipping through the up to 400 pages of an issue of ARABELLA and letting the visuals flow off the page. In a crowded media field, individuals and organizations in the arts and culture world need to standout and make a big impact. ARABELLA excels in making this happen! Not sure? Pick up a copy and see for yourself!

Simply No Better Marketing!
The ARABELLA Magazine is one of the most respected vehicles for presenting the personal stories of artists and their galleries. Featured articles in the magazine are extensive at 16 pages and offer large format, full colour representation of artistic works. There is simply no better marketing tool to help featured artists gain wider exposure and tell their stories to an extremely appreciative, high net-worth audience. Just read the feedback from our readers here.

Customized Marketing Services
As a specialty arts & culture publication ARABELLA offers customized marketing services utilizing a special combination of print and digital media publications, combined with social media promotion, along with localized marketing events to help increase audience reach and sales. When requested, ARABELLA staff are also available for personal coaching, workshops and seminars for professional & business development. We have years of experience helping individuals and businesses achieve increased growth. It all starts with a good story!

Programs for Every Budget & Need
Whether you are looking to promote your business on a one-time basis, or looking to create a multi-issue, multi-year marketing campaign to build solid credibility for your business, ARABELLA can meet your needs.


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