Message from the Editor in Chief Debra Usher

Summer 2015 nce upon a time, and long before that, I started working on the ARABELLA 2016 Summer-Harvest issue. Well, to say it has been a long and arduous journey would be an understatement - it was a course filled with mine fields, torn up roads, floods, illness and just plain bad luck. But like all great paintings that take time, what emerges, I think, is a collage of colour, movement, laughter and soul.

Because here amongst the many pages of beautiful paintings, interesting artist stories and amazing sculptures, I once again have found my sense of humour and joy of living. After a rough stretch of time, we can begin to feel weighted down by our problems and extremely tired. Our feet do not travel the road lightly and there is no skip as we walk on our way.

We all need that sprinkle of magic or fairy dust in our life and without it we feel lost. Here in ARABELLA Summer Harvest 2016, there is plenty of magic and fairy dust sparkles to go around... a world of enchantment with each open page.


This is THE ART ISSUE - celebrating a total of 19 unique, gifted and interesting artists. The end of summer is perfect for basking in the last days of relaxation and warmth, and a great time to explore the lives and work of these talented individuals. I see a few pieces that would work in my collection, and I am sure you will too.

There will be lots of time to look at beautiful rooms and decor when fall arrives; so many home and design magazines to purchase; stunning architecture and exquisite rooms to draw you in. Veranda and House Beautiful are perennial favourites.

As for us, ARABELLA is first and foremost an art magazine, and for that reason this issue is just about art and the individuals who create it. Those who make our life and surroundings a better place to be.


We have art to make you smile, art exploding with colour, beautiful landscapes from places only the mind can see, unique critters and characters, glimpses of days gone by, and creative journeys exploring our inner beings. We have art for your heart, body and soul, and I hope it will transfix and empower you as it does me. For without colour, beauty and creativity what is the point?

The artists' stories in this issue are not in alphabetical order. They are not in the order of how they paint, nor are they in the order of selling price. I have put them in a riotous, rollercoaster ride of colour and contrast, the better for you to catch each and every one of them along the way. There are accomplished artists, achieving artists and aspiring artists in this collection. All full of talent and passion, and every one of them a truly gifted professional. Some of them I have known about for years, others are new friends, and it has been a true privilege to work with each of them on this issue.


"No pain, no gain," as the expression goes. Hopefully the effort of all of us at ARABELLA, both the magazine staff and the artists gracing these pages, is appreciated, most importantly, by you, our dear reader.

So sit down, relax, and immerse yourself in the pages. If you are like me, you skim through until something catches your eye, you stop, read a little and then go back to the beginning to start the journey. Please enjoy the path we have chosen.

Namaste and Bonne Journee!

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