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Ten Exciting & Challenging Years!

Well at long last here is our 10th Anniversary Special Issue. It seems I am repeating myself as each issue gets harder and harder to produce.

We have no shortage of phenomenal artists but getting all the quality images, the stories written, the pages designed and then produced is not an easy task.

I suppose part of the problem would be eliminated if we just did a digital magazine but I know that our readers would not be happy and that is and always has been the purpose of the magazine - happy readers and collectors and to showcase the work of amazing artists and artisans from all over the country and beyond.

I am extremely proud of this issue as it is a milestone of work, 10 years and hundreds of talented artists. We hope that you enjoy the collection assembled on these pages as we have tried to gather a group of both interesting and uniquely talents artists to be featured in our anniversary issue.

ARABELLA cover Stories in My Mind
This spring and summer to eliminate the stress when I couldn't get things done as fast as I wanted to I started to paint again. As usual I decided not to paint your typical landscape - I will leave that to the experts on our pages but have amassed a collection of truly unusual and quite amazing, even if I do say so myself, group of folk art paintings. Each one tells a very unique story and was painted in a very different style.

ARABELLA cover Rather than the casual and easy going flow of other folk artists I chose to follow the rules associated with Scanadinavian Bohemian Folk Art and then I changed it up just a bit. I now have twenty paintings and am hoping to have a very interactive show with children and their parents in 2019.

This is as much a story telling adventure as it is an art exhibit and I have had a lot of fun producing and imagining these characters.

ARABELLA cover Another thing I did this summer was to plant a mixed vegetable/flower garden in raised beds. With the heat of the summer sun and the maritime moisture I have turned into quite the farmer.

I have twelve foot corn growing towards the sky with cobs showcasing their silken tassles in the breeze. I have cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, pumpkins, corn, tons of herbs and flowers galore. Nothing has been more fun than picking and eating the produce I grew.

Cabbage What a treat. I think I am ridiculously proud of myself and I know that many people do this but I have been so busy in my life that I forgot the pleasure of this fine skill.

Changes in the Issue
Brian and I have decided to add a Guest Editorial and give him a break for a couple of issues. Tom Smart, The Director of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery starts this editorial program and Tom Butterfield, Founder and Creative Director of Masterworks, Museum of Bermuda Art will follow him. We hope to feature the Audain Art Museum and many others in coming issues.

ARABELLA cover Ray Cronin will be writing for us on an ongoing basis and we will be adding book reviews in our Winter 2018 issue. This will be spearheaded by Ray as well.

Over the next couple of issues we would like to start having new and unique authors publish their stories and would like to give first time writers a chance to weave their story magic for our readers. We are just working out the details of this so that each issue we would have three to four individual short stories. Emerging artists and sculpture and installation art will be showcased more in upcoming issues so that we cover all the mediums equally. Please feel free to send us any suggestions for artists and artisans that you the reader are interested in and like their work.

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