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Debra Usher in ARABELLA Take a Leap of Faith
You Have to Believe
And what is it you have to believe in? Why yourself of course. Without the confidence that you can accomplish whatever the task, you have given up before you even start.

Life is like that, a series of risks and rewards - some great, some small. As artists, business entrepreneurs, artisans and craftspeople sometimes the hurdles are overwhelming and we pull back just too afraid to jump that high or dream that big. We have to weigh the security of friends and family and sometimes just being able to eat. No matter our fear, for us it is very real even though sometimes to others it might seem ridiculous.

Every creative person has to believe in themselves and before you can entertain the idea of selling your product or service to someone else - you have to sell yourself first. You have to have passion and a commitment before others will value your ideas and artistic viewpoint.

Just last week I was talking to an artist on the telephone about how and when he had decided that this was now on the right track - that he was going to succeed with his photographs. At what point did he decide that this was the only thing he could do - this would be his artistic journey and profession. For him, as for most of us, it was that "LEAP OF FAITH" that took hold again - just simply a belief in himself and what he could do. He is lucky that he has a supportive partner who can share both the risks and rewards and give him encouragement. Others take that leap and soar without the help of wings or an umbrella. Now that may seem foolhardy or brave to others but it is just what they needed to do. His decision reminded me of my own.

I Believe in Arabella

I believe in what I do, what I write and what we place in the pages of Arabella. Ten years ago it was a huge risk and today the same risks in an ever-changing market place still apply. Sometimes the question goes back to - yes, but are the rewards worth it? Well we are not getting rich, but we can buy groceries, we have a nice home and some great friends, family and furry four legged buddies to snuggle up with.

But for me the biggest reward is twofold - it comes from the artists whose stories we tell and the readers who read them. This issue, I am sure we don't have to even write this - we were late going to print - really late. So late that some people weren't sure that there was going to be another issue of Arabella. Countless numbers of readers phoned in, messaged me, and sent emails. Like me they wanted another issue of Arabella. Some were not happy and some were just concerned because Arabella had become part of their life and for that we thank them so much.

Our World

Arabella is my life, my vision, my world and both my partner and I love what we are able to produce and send out to the reading public. But this year some huge changes occurred in our world. First our designer of ten years went on to another opportunity. He and his wife, Daniela, became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl, Alessandra Cristina. We understood the need and time commitment for family and work and we wish him well. David Di Benedetto shared our journey since the beginning and we will miss him and his contribution to Arabella.

So a tough search began to find another designer or design team to help us put this beast (and I say that lovingly) together. This is not a simple project, this is a book three or four times a year and each story has to be written (all of the magazine is original editorial) and then each story has to be put together and designed with full colour images in such a way as to delight, dazzle and tantalize the reader.

We want the reader to feel that they have gone on a journey - a visit to the finest gallery where the walls are lined with paintings of all shapes, sizes, mediums and subjects. And at the end of it all it has to be beautiful, interesting and relevant. Not an easy task and never the same - there is no template for what we do.

Arabella is like a large mural wandering in and out of time and space. One that we hope keeps the reader's attention both visually and verbally until the last step in the journey is done.

This Year

So this year will and won't be different. Arabella will continue to be published and we will explore the worlds of new and unique artists, artisans and craftspeople. We will meet new people and take new journeys both in our mind and on the road.

To date we have published two books; the newest Arabella, The Love of Flowers is keeping me extra busy doing book signings at different locations. Feel free to ask if we are coming soon to your city or town. We'll try to keep you up-to-date on our web site.

We will soon get started on two new and exciting projects, details to be announced later and we will work really hard to get Arabella out in a timely matter to keep our readers happy. But most importantly we will work with our artists and galleries to help sell art. Because the earth is just dirt without art.

Namaste - be well, be creative and be kind.

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