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Chuck Freitag
Sometimes a change in direction is all that is needed to start the creative juices flowing and get inspired all over again. For the last 10 years, as this is our 10th Anniversary Issue, I've been writing my editorial. Sometimes talking about the direction of art in Canada, sometimes talking about the plight of speciality publications, like ours and the problems we face.

Mimi Matsuda Well here we go changing things up a bit and for a while I will be "GONE FISHING" on the advice of a good friend, Peter Kane, who has and does go fishing all over the world. My editorial will be replaced each issue with some of the leading experts on art, galleries and museums. Each will offer their own frank and very specific take on the art from their perspective and prospective journeys. We hope you enjoy their viewpoints and stories.

John Neville Tom Smart, Director of the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB, will start us off, followed by Tom Butterfiled, Masterworks Founder and Creative Director, Bermuda, in the following issue.

Jim Killen In the meantime I get what we will call a 'rest' pursuing my other interests in supporting and growing a major tourism, heritage and culture destination (Ministers Island) in our home town Saint Andrews By-the-Sea.
While I get time off, Deb has found some new wonderful artists to illustrate the "GONE FISHING" point. A big thank you to them for their colourful and beautiful work: Lauren Briere; Chuck Freitag; St-Gilles; Jim Killen; Mimi Matsuda; and John Neville.


Lauren Biere

I hope you truly enjoy the different viewpoints and welcome suggestions for upcoming issues.

All the best


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