Message from the Publisher
Every issue of ARABELLA we share with you stories of emerging and established artists, some outstanding architecture and occasionally we touch on spectacular design products to adorn your home or office. Many of you have been gracious enough to share your thoughts and provide your feedback as to what makes the ARABELLA reading experience so outstanding. Some of you have even proposed some innovative ways in which we might address the financial side of the enterprise. Let me say thank you. Your support is so greatly appreciated. Ultimately it's your sharing that really makes the difference - makes all the challenges worthwhile.

"You are an inspiration to artists across Canada and have given us an audience that we wouldn't have had without you" - Rena Bierman, Artist, 2017

"Superbly produced, Arabella can take its place among the best art magazines in the world. It is an important tool in the promotion of excellence in Canadian culture as reflected in a variety of the visual and design arts. I have found it to be a valuable resource and inspiration in my own work, as well as a source of discovery of exciting and brilliant Canadian talent." - Marc Montgomery, CBC Host, Radio Canada International, July 2017

We have received testimonials like the above many times over many years. It has kept us going knowing that there are many individuals who have benefited from our passion. The comments are brief, but they capture the essence of what ARABELLA has done for coming close to ten years.

Our mission has always been to support Canadian creative talent along with related commercial and non-profit businesses by telling their stories in very special ways - first and foremost through quality visual print publications, then digital, and finally social media.

Our readers offer further testimonials as to the value of our unique brand of publishing. It is contemporary, highly personal, stunningly visual, and we think appealing to a significantly wider audience than traditional specialty magazines focusing on arts appreciation, critique, and expert discourse.

"As a subscriber and dedicated fan of Arabella, I feel as though we are kindred spirits. Thank you for this amazing magazine! I read it cover to cover and bring out the old ones to explore the features time and time again. I even like the ads. I just read your "letters" in the 2016 Summer Harvest offering. Thank you both for your openness and promotion of "all that is beautiful in the world" with such passion and joy." -

"I just received the latest issue of Arabella. Again I am left speechless... I know how much love and time you put in every issue, yet every time you surpass any and all expectations we your loyal reader could even dream of for you. Congratulations on yet another superb issue!!!"

"One of the best things about Arabella is the adventure and getting to meet so many diverse and interesting individuals from across Canada."

"I like everything about the magazine, especially the art and to find out that some of the artists are Canadian. I had no idea the talent out there."

"I have to tell you that you make being an artist a happy place to be. You do the art and the artist justice and are by far the best hands down art magazine I have ever seen including in Europe. Makes me wish I was Canadian. I absolutely love your magazine."

In terms of us growing and sustaining the business, I would like to encourage you to tell our story as much as you can, particularly if you can do so on social media. You are our best promoters and while I can't request that you 'broadcast from the roof tops', perhaps the more contemporary version of the expression would be to share your passion on your social media of choice.

You know why you choose to pick up this magazine-book; why you return to it time and time again. Arabella provides a unique form of entertainment as you sip that coffee or mingle with other artists or friends to compare your reactions to some of the works presented in current and past issues. It sits on your coffee table and becomes the topic of conversation when visitors drop by. It even inspires you to connect with the artists and their galleries. So why not share your views both with us and your personal network on the world-wide-web? Help us grow our customer base. Each time you share a link about an artist or ARABELLA itself it has the potential to domino into a wide network of potential customers. Once a post is shared, it is then seen by an entirely new audience that can further spread it throughout their own network. While we do it from our end, you can do it from yours. Sharing is now one of the key currencies that can support our efforts to tell the stories of emerging Canadian talent. If you care about ARABELLA, we ask you to become an advocate and get the word out; rally your network around supporting the promotion of emerging Canadian talent.

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