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Well we certainly had an up and down winter here in the Maritimes. We thought we were escaping the conditions of past winters but then February came along with repeated dumps of snow that seemed enormous given the contrast with the earlier, more relaxed months. But with all that now over we are in the midst of enjoying a great spring and looking forward to summer. With the coming of spring it's time to look back and celebrate all that we have accomplished and look forward to all that we can become.

Time to Celebrate, Time to Remember
With this issue, Volume 10, Issue 1, we welcome some new members into our team. We've added some great design and production people here in New Brunswick, as well two great writers, who just happen to live around the corner and down the street. We welcome Joshua Hoyt and Blair Cox from Leave a Mark Design up in Mataquak and Fredericton; along with Sheila and Mark Blagrave here in St. Andrews by-the-Sea.

As some readers may know, we also just published Debra's most recent book "The Love of Flowers" which in addition to giving praise to 40 floral artists for their dedication to celebrating Nature's Art, it is also a powerful commemorative piece for her Mother, Agnes Mary Kapp. Thanks to all the great folks at Sunbury Shores and our community in St. Andrews for starting us off with such an energized and engaged book signing event. It was particularly poignant to hear how the book brought back so many memories of loving family relationships. More events are planned for the coming months in St. John, Fredericton, Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver.

Our Accomplishments
As part of our efforts to increase the funding for our publications (which is perhaps an obsession), we've had the chance to look back and take stock of what we've accomplished and where we might grow in supporting and promoting creative talent in the future. We serve a number of stakeholders and we truly believe we have made a difference.

      For Artists, ARABELLA has become an extremely credible and well-respected vehicle for telling their stories and displaying their artworks with the benefit of increasing sales from a wide geographic region - basically all of North America. The magazine also serves as a source of professional inspiration and means of networking with other artists, as well as a wider range of gallery exhibiting opportunities.

      For Artists, ARABELLA has served as an extremely strong marketing support for promotion of in-gallery events and sales, as well as an ideal means of identifying talent to expand gallery offerings to local clients and art collectors.

      For Art Collectors, in addition to expanding awareness of the depth and breadth of talent in the Canadian art market, ARABELLA also serves to help identify emerging talent and investment opportunities with high potential for return.

      For Our Readers, based on their unambiguous feedback and testimonials, ARABELLA is clearly valued for its unique brand of publishing, education and personal reading enjoyment. It is recognized and appreciated for being uniquely contemporary, highly personal, stunningly visual and appealing to a significantly wider audience than traditional specialty magazines focusing on arts appreciation, critique, and expert dialogue. Keep your comments coming as they truly keep our spirits alive and well.

A Future Full of Challenes & Opportunities
Today, we believe ARABELLA is the premier Canadian consumer magazine focusing on arts, architecture and design. It focuses on all that is beautiful in the world from our perspective and it helps support and promote arts and culture in a way that no other magazine does. We've successfully established a reputation and niche for Canadian art and we provide artists and galleries with a proven approach to networking and marketing. We have fantastic readership support and the feature articles in ARABELLA continue to provide real marketing and career advantage to those we profile.

Our biggest challenge today is not the creation process for this beautiful magazine but it is the increasingly difficult aspect of financing the production and distribution through advertising revenues alone. Some people argue the advantages of just going digital, but our readership feedback is quite clear and unequivocal - there is simply nothing that compares to physically holding this high-end, quality book; turning the pages and being absorbed by the original, in-depth stories and visual representations of a fantastic array of artistic works.

Going Forward
So as we go forward, we are looking at different ways of increasing the financial support for this venture. Converting to a not-for-profit status may be one option; it's a route taken by some of our colleagues at The Walrus and Canadian Art. We're also exploring a range of add-on services to secure increased financial return from a wider array of related product & service sales.

Given our reach and our digital marketing potential we might also start exploring commission sharing arrangements with artists and galleries. Finally, collaboration and partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations may well be an avenue to explore.

As always we welcome your feedback and continued support. There's strength in numbers so if you feel you can provide any guidance or want to assist in our efforts to shape the future of ARABELLA don't hesitate to connect with us. It's always a pleasure to hear how important ARABELLA is to each of you.

Like all journeys there are many turns and forks in the road and while there are always uncertainties, the pleasure of creating one of the most outstanding arts publications in the world is well worth it.

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