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  • As a subscriber and dedicated fan of Arabella, I feel as though we are kindred spirits. Thank you for this amazing magazine! I read it cover to cover and bring out the old ones to explore the features time and time again. I even like the adds. I just read your "letters" in the 2016 Summer Harvest offering. Thank you both for your openness and promotion of "all that is beautiful in the world" with such passion and joy.

  • I just received the latest issue of Arabella. Again I am left speechless... I know how much love and time you put in every issue, yet every time you surpass any and all expectations we your loyal reader could even dream of for you. Congratulations on yet another superb issue!!!

  • One of the best things about Arabella is the adventure and getting to meet so many diverse and interesting individuals from across Canada.

  • It's been 5 years since our collaboration on the Haliburton School of The Arts article and my appreciation of the magazine has only grown with the passage of time. It's a remarkable accomplishment, stunning publication, and important Canadian resource. Congratulations. I wish you well.

  • Philip & I absolutely love your magazine. We sat to look through them together & then we found ourselves reading them all over again! We feel Arabella, is a comprehensive feast for the eyes encompassing the Canadian Representational Art Scene - rich in beauty & strong bold colours which leaves us wanting more! Thank you so much & we will be purchasing Arabella from here on in plus helping to spread "the word"!

  • "(I) wanted to tell you that I love the magazine. It is a greater inspiration and learning tool than any of the "how-to" magazines that I've read. The personal artists' stories, the variety of art shown, gallery info etc. is fantastic." - Cathy M.

  • "Such a wonderful feast for the eyes...I can not get enough! Arabella is definitely the most enjoyable magazine I have ever experienced! Thank you for your incredible presentations and congratulations on a job well done." - Carolyn C.

  • "Hello, I have now gotten your magazine for the last two issues and have to tell you that you make being an artist a happy place to be. You do the art and the artist justice and by far the best hands down art magazine I have ever seen including in Europe. Makes me wish I was Canadian. I absolutely love your magazine." - Ct. C.

  • "I've been able to read a few articles from Arabella, specifically "Places to Visit: The Algonquin Resort" - Wow! What a wonderful piece! I know your reach is quite lengthy so we are definitely lucky to have you do such a terrific profile on the hotel. You're very right about the magazine, the personal touch is evident throughout the writing. Great stuff!!! " - Mathew C.

  • "Just rec'd mine. Another absolutely superb issue, Certainly one of the highest quality and interest "art/architecture/design magazines IN THE WORLD !. " - Mark M.

  • "I have just purchased my first issue of Arabella magazine Spring Awakenings and Summer Dreams 2014 and am absolutely impressed, not only with the quality of the magazine, but with the talent that is Canadian." - Sandy A.

  • "It's always a pleasure to have one of your magazines in hand. I love reading the insightful articles and being reminded of what beautiful art we have in Canada. Keep up the great work" - Jake V.

  • Rosedale Swing Company wrote: "Spent a day reading your newest Winter issue! absolutely lovely!! Late but so great :) Thank you for the best art magazine on Canadian bookshelves. How about a few more articles about our west coast artists."

  • My good friend and fellow painter, Madeleine Wood was recently showcased in your recent Arabella publication and I was blown away by the quality and depth of the interview and images. I thank you for creating such a magnificent magazine that promotes art and culture in Canada.
    Lori G.

  • I have just discovered your Arabella. I've come upon few art publications that come anywhere close to the quality of everything in this magazine...images, paper choice, color, content, writing. You name it, Arabella exceeds almost every expectation I have, and my expectations are rather high. I don't feel that I'm embellishing or exaggerating when I say that I find your work exquisite, a piece of art in itself. Thank you thank you thank you! The magazine is majestic, magnificent! I'm in awe of the magic of this issue - Fall 2013. I'm going out this weekend to buy the Winter issue, which I see on your site is now available. I'm so excited for tomorrow's trip into town!

  • I cannot live without Arabella and my local Indigo doesn't seem to have your current issue? Is it in stores now? I have asked the store to check, but I decided to ask is so beautiful and inspiring.

  • I would like to thank Debra Usher, the editor of Arabella Magazine, for including our faux bois garden furniture in the Fabulous Finds section of Arabella Magazine Summer Dreams 2013 issue. Thanks to Arabella Magazine we have completely sold out of our faux bois garden furniture and we are currently on back order for the next nine months. - Joe Colvin, Colvin & Hastings Design

  • Just a quick note to let you know we have had quite a response to the article you published on us "An Artistic Relationship". We have had direct inquiries and sales directly related to the published story and our gallery representatives are advising us that Arabella has produced the same results with them. Thank you for your enthusiasm to our work and the effort you made in writing our story. - Rick Bond and Nancy Lucas

  • Your magazine is simply fabulous and thank you for the prime ad placement. All the very best & congratulations on elevating the print standard in Canadian art! - Jeff W.

  • I highly recommend Arabella to my friends. I absolutely savor reading the articles and looking at the beautiful artwork! It's so inspirational!- Cheryl S.

  • What a great magazine!!! My art instructor recommended it and I fell in love. Even the ads are wonderful. - Shellie P.

  • Enjoyed your editorial comments about Arabella being a "serious art magazine". It is an astounding magazine of Canadian art and anyone sniffing elsewise is terribly insecure or out-of-date. I even love the ads! - Marke

  • You made my day! Thank you so much for your trouble...I cannot live without the magazine. I treasure every word, photo, article, ad in it. It brings me countless hours of joy....just countless hours. - Beverly M.

  • I was already a fan when I discovered Arabella awhile back for each page is a valuable reflection of the beauty that exists, be that contemporary or traditional interpretations of the beauty of the world. In all sincerity you are making a major contribution to the legacy of, and for art. I commend your exquisite talented work on the pages of your most extraordinary magazine. - KR

  • I only found out about your magazine in the past year. I consider it one of the finest. And speaking of my background, I was the Executive Creative Director of a large advertising agency. (Retired). And have seen a multitude of magazines over many years. Keep up the excellent work! - Larry

  • When is the Summer issue coming out? I can't get enough of this magazine. Once I start reading it, I go back to older issues and compare - consistently it is one of the best Canadian magazines available. - Brian P.

  • Biscotti Di Notte & MORE wrote: "I put my name down at Chapter's in Nanaimo yesterday to be called when your magazine arrives, which is a good thing, because they sell out so FAST..."

  • I just wanted to thank-you so much for helping us get your magazine in our local Coles Bookstore, here in Swift Current. It means a lot to us as local artists to have local access. - Fern R.

  • I am a visual artist living in Ottawa. I have read your magazine and think that it is an excellent publication.... A very important feature is that you are profiling contemporary Canadian artists making them more visible to the public. - Blair P.

  • Just managed to finally "find" the spring issue of Arabella - at Chapters - and can barely begin to tell you how amazing it is. It is hardly a magazine - it is all but a work of art in and of itself. Mind you I have only begun to go through it all - that will take me at least the week-end.... Congratulations to Debra and yourself - and indeed your entire staff - for your outstanding accomplishment with this magazine. Truly impressive. - Theresa H.

  • I was in a wee shop in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver Island and the assistant showed me your amazingly beautiful magazine - so I rushed out to get my own copy. I am a magazine (addict) and am so greatly inspired by good magazines - real therapy for me.... I must congratulate you and your team on a truly magnificent publication and will enjoy copies of your magazine for as long as you publish it. - Reinette

  • As a 61 year old award winning artist and professional musician, and a single travelling man ...of Scottish descent, only in Canada, your winter issue contained more photos of inspiring artwork than any other book I have ever seen. Beautiful, wonderful, and I felt elevated after I put it down. - John W.

  • All the best with your truly exceptional publication. I think Arabella is the only Canadian art publication looking at artists outside the boundaries of the TTC - Peter P.

  • All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! What a wonderful job you did on my article the photos look spectacular and the writing Kylie did was super.... you have a wonderful group working on a beautiful magazine which few can rival and I've seen many art magazines. You should be very proud as well as of all the talented artists across North America that you promote. It really gives us a high profile with which to promote our work, I want to thank you again so much for everything. - Shirley T.

  • This is a stunningly beautiful art publication. The content and writing has a much greater and bigger vision of the Canadian art world, than the other art magazines that I have long stopped reading. - Kenneth D.

  • Thanks very much for your help - I've successfully downloaded the winter edition, which is terrific! Equally impressive is the speed with which you, as in actual, real people, got back to me with the assistance I needed. You could give a master class on client service excellence! Thanks again - Judy

  • I've been a devoted fan of Arabella magazine for many, many years and all the incredible work you and your team do in showcasing and promoting all the amazing and talented artists and architecture in Canada. - Peter M.

  • I consider this magazine one of the best if not "The Best in Canada", in your market; it is up there with Architectual Digest ...Looking forward to finding you on every shelf in Canada. A loyal reader. Tami F.

  • Hi Debra, Just to tell you that in Seoul my Arteria galerist Genevieve told me that the magazine Arabella where I had an article helped her to sell some pieces!!! She had some examples with her. Thank you! - Dominique Desmeules

  • Just spent an hour with the copy of Arabella which arrived yesterday. What a pleasure! I have to say I loved the visual quality of everything--the ads as much as the articles. I'm looking forward to spending more time with the content. (Like my early experiences with Playboy magazine, a browse through the photos is an essential first step!) - Perry

  • Thank you!! I can hardly wait! Your issues are a feast for the creative soul! - Terry

  • Just got the latest issue. I don't know how you do it. Absolutely fabulous! - Roger

  • Once again - an AMAZING publication - job extremely well done. Blustery night in Muskoka, warm fire, glass of red and Arabella. - Penny

  • I hope that you are still as busy as ever and the magazine is looking wonderful. I just wanted to let you know that since you featured me in Arabella, the painting of the lineman has sold and I have been booked for a solo show in the Niagara on the Lake Pumphouse Visual Art Centre in Oct-November. I have also been juried into membership in the American Women Artists (women artists from Canada, the States and Mexico) which will offer a lot more opportunities for my work to be seen nationally. I have also had one of my paintings bought by the Shearwater Aviation Museum in Truro, Nova Scotia and have been awarded a number of commissions locally.... Again I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be showcased in Arabella- the copies I have given my parents come out at every gathering and they have shown it to anyone that they can while they winter in Florida. - Linda B.

  • Looks like summer is officially open! Your summer issue is absolutely beautiful! Great work to all...we're proud to be featured. Continued success! - Frank

    Thank-you for publishing such a beautiful magazine. I noticed that your magazine does not print obscene/violent/vulgar images. Thank-you. I don't like the disturbing side of contemporary art (all the shock for mere shock-value or as a reflection of a sick society). Your magazine is a welcomed relief. I discovered it a few days ago in Chapters and hope that it has a long and successful run. - Miriam

  • The fall copies of Arabella just came through our door and I feel compelled to tell you how utterly beautiful the magazine is. I am overwhelmed by the depth and breadth of the artists you have chosen - the magical Robert Bissell paintings are so captivating in their spiritual beauty . I feel honored to be a part of this issue and do hope to meet you when you are in the County. - Viola J.

  • I just wanted to send you both a huge thank you. Just received my copy of this season's Arabella and was extremely delighted to see my painting in it. This really means a heck of a lot to me. I am on vacation this week, working on the third entry for the competition, now with an extra boost of inspiration. It does indeed 'start with a dream.' I think I deserve a glass of wine. Cheers! - Barbara M.

  • The mailed Arabella and the two boxes of magazines arrived yesterday at Loft Gallery. It feels like Christmas. What a feast for the eyes! Thanks - Debra & Phil

  • I just have got Arabella magazine. It is great issue! I think Arabella getting encyclopedia of contemporary Canadian art. Nobody does it, but you. I mean there is no magazine, which creates this scale panorama of Canadian art. It is actually helps me to understand better what I am as an artist and where I am. I wish you and Debra success. - Guennadi.

  • I must say that I was enthralled by the paintings. Arabella does a beautiful job of portraying artwork. I hope the artists get sales galore. This country should be so proud of its artists, and Arabella plays an essential role in shining a spotlight on them and their work. - Cynthia




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