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The Love of Flowers

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The Best of 2008-2010


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Spring-Summer 2014

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ARABELLA The Love of Flowers

The Love of Flowers!

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Scott Wentworth Landscape Group
project by The Scott Wentworth Landscape Group
photography by Robert Harris

The tableau of nature and the breathtaking beauty of sun and sky become part of the decorating scheme when we move outside. Explore the beauty that rock and water features can create when you design a living space which truly brings the best of the inside out. Stunning photographs explore various ideas for outdoor dining and living spaces that surround you with nature and let you entertain in style this summer.
Scott Wentworth web site

Design: Decorating Den
2014 Dream Room Winners

From opulent and lush to rustic and homey, decorators have created the perfect space to relax and enjoy life. Whether you are curled up in front of the fireplace, preparing your favourite food or trying to get some work done in your home office, these decorators have dreamt up an environment just for you.
Rendezvous Art Gallery
A Rendezvous with Artistic Flair
written by Nadia Tersigni

Set against the north shore mountains and embracing downtown Vancouver this gallery offers an impressive 18 year history that has made it a must see destination for the connoisseur. Its reputation is based on impeccable service and an ability to work with each client in a unique and unstructured way. RendezVous prides itself on creating a space when one can truly experience the artwork. RendezVous Art Gallery showscases a wide range of top tier artists that collectors will delight in.



Mama's Garden by Cynthia Reyes
written by Cynthia Reyes

It is the little things that always come back in our minds. The smell of flowers can transport us back in time to another place. Cynthia grew up in the pastel world of Jamaica with the smell of roses and dahlias floating on the breeze, and each spring she is transported back to those times. Explore the connection between memory and emotion as you recall the impact of a mother's love.

Days of Summer by Paul Bott
written by Paul Bott

The garden is a never ending story of toil and thoughtfulness, a creative journey where moments serve to fertilize a frenzy of ideas, hopes and dreams. The potential for new life is trapped in tiny packages until the gardener plants and nourishes these seeds. What does new life budding forth to the rhythm of the bees humming among the flowers make you dream of?

Club Art
written by Debra Usher

When Wayne Baguley, past president of Headwaters Arts, created Club Art he was trying to see what young people are capable of. After partnering with Koros Games and DAREarts they created Club Art which is dedicated to building opportunities for young artists to network and develop their own art shows and showcase a diverse range of talent. From graffiti through acrylic, youth are encouraged to express their inner vision in a way that pushes boundaries and explores the unknown.


Tim Cherry 2014
Tracking the Path of a Wildlife Artist
written by Kylie Serebrin

Tim Cherry has ventured down a winding path for the last twenty-five years on his journey to discover his artistic voice. Sculpting in stone and metal Tim brings the creatures he encounters in nature to life in stunning artistic detail. Using the strongest and simplest of lines and textures his work evokes the strength and simplicity of the natural world. In his own words he is attempting to create a piece that is balanced, emotionally-compelling, stimulating and lyrical.

Eric Markow & Thom Norris
A Touch of Glass
written by Lorie Lee Steiner

For over 20 years their alluring and confounding woven glass sculptures have had to be touched to be believed. Eric started out as a chemical engineer while Thom travelled the world first as a military brat and then with Pan American Airlines. They have both been interested in art from the very beginning. The two met in college and began to work on stained glass together. After twenty years and a lot of experimentation they now create woven glass works which are stunningly unlike any other form of art. From bowls to kimonos the fabulously varied colours come to life with texture that belies the complexities of working with molten glass.

Janis Woode
Figuratively Speaking
written by Lorie Lee Steiner

Armed with mischievous sparkle, a larger-than-life smile and a flaming welder's torch, Janis Woode injects the oft-despairing world around her with creative doses of sympathetic awareness and hope. Interspersing a collection of unforgettable human experiences, gleaned from 30 years as a health care provider, with art and design education and an unusual fixation for scrap metal, Janis has sculpted a separate career as a figurative artist. Each of her individual pieces is chock-full of personality, painstakingly crafted with a valuable moral purpose: "To connect the viewer to the common human condition, so that we all may feel a certain bond as human beings."


Min Ma
Tenaciousness Defined
written by Brett Anningson

Min Ma taught himself to draw by copying propaganda posters in the early throes of the glorious revolution. His talent was quickly realized, propelling him into the world of artistic training. It was not until later, after having mastered the Chinese art of ink and brushes that he discovered the western classics and began training in this new style of art. His bold and creative use of colours starts first from formal techniques and then he adapts depending on the scene depicted. It is his masterful use of light and dark which brings life to the world he sees.

Linda Wilder
An Impresionistic at Heart
written by Nadia Tersigni

Her impressionistic views of nature capture the soul and essence of a scene sometimes in unexpected ways or vivid colours. Although Linda painted her first picture at 16 it was not until later that she thought seriously about being an artist. Someone asked her, "if you could be anything..." and although it has been a bumpy road, she has become an artists who paints incredible vistas. The style that eventually "found her" as she puts it, is to create her visual masterpieces using a palette knife.

Gisa Mayer
Mountain High, Mountain Low
written by Brett Anningson

From her childhood in Austria through to her current life in western Canada, Gisa has always been in the mountains. Her entire life has also been filled with drawing, painting and photography. Akin to the work of Van Gogh, Gisa's paintings have a surreal boldness that draws from long single brushstrokes evoking movement even in the stillness of a mountain. In her words she is aiming to create an image that you can imagine yourself walking right into.


Adeline Halvorson
Harnessing the Power of the Equine
written by Mark Pavilons

There is a deep passion that connects Adeline with horses, an affinity that began on the farm she grew up on. With masterful and meticulous focus on details, Adeline brings her subjects to life in a way that allows every shadow and nuance to showcase the deeper nature of the animal. There is a lifelike quality that actually goes beyond realism as you look at the animals that she has captured with her brush. Adeline feels that the connection is what she is creating. Not only between herself and her subject, but between the viewer and the animal who somehow have come to know each other in the act of observing.

Michel Thibert
A View from Here
written by Brett Anningson

In the hours spent in an airplane cockpit flying over the arctic, Michel Thibert became mystified by the view. Breathtaking photography began from the window, but soon became a quest on the ground. Each image tells a story of the north in a way that captures the innate beauty and allows us to enter the previously unexperienced landscape. Whether you are seeing an iceberg or ice filled landscape, Michel creates and edits photographs allowing you to see what once you may have thought of as snow and ice in vivid new ways. Michel's photography creates the arctic of our dreams.

Don Stewart
Intelligent Art with a Funny Bone
written by Kylie Serebrin

There are events that change everything. At 3 years old, Don began to wonder at his mother's x-rays. She had died of cancer and her legacy to Don was medicine and art, both of which Don became passionate about. His pen and ink drawings look inside the everyday and ordinary to combine, often in humorous ways, hidden facets of larger wholes. It is a creative take on the subject matter that brings a smile; for example if you look at his drawing of a human heart you will find that the details are made up of items which are close to or use the heart in our cultures, from valentines to playing cards. There is a steampunk feel to this, casting together very different and unlikely sources to mould a thing of beauty. It is also reminiscent of the work of Escher


Diana Dean
Revealing Life's Mysteries
written by Kylie Serebrin

Diana Dean was the daughter of English parents living in Rhodesia, playing in the sacred places the bushmen of Africa had discovered thousands of years before. In school she studied the classical arts, dance and music. Then she left for London. Imagine the stark contrast between tropical Africa and gray London. It was difficult and Diana often retreated into the landscape of her mind. As her artistic career developed she drew on a variety of sources: life situations, nature, her imagination and mythology. Through her painting she seeks to delve into the mysteries of life.

The Precious & Semi-Precious Stroke
of Art, written by Nadia Persigni

Shannon Ford was born with an immeasurable imagination. Luckily her parents were both artistic and saw that she had a need to create, a need to dream and a need to capture her vision. Perhaps the only thing that captured her passion with the same intensity was animals. Shannon has been teaching art since she was 14 and continues to explore various facets, getting a degree in jewelry and metalworking and then moving on to sculpture. But it is her wildlife paintings that are closest to the heart. A proponent of never using one pigment when you can possibly use two, each painting is an exploration in tone and colour filled with beauty and life.

Jim Rogers
Of Vineyards and Sunsets
written by Nadia Tersigni

Primarily self-taught, Jim credits both his relationships and his love of travel with being the artistic muse behind his bold, expressive and vibrant paintings. Painting with the league of Artists in New York City or en plein air in Tuscany and France; Jim makes friends easily and soaks up both stories and advice leading to an ever evolving style. In his words he does "poetic painting" because as he combs the towns and countryside he is not looking for the perfect image to paint, but the perfect story to capture. Life for Jim is an adventure and as you gaze at his canvas you are sure to write your own story.


Laurie Near
In Seeking Essence & Wonder
written by Brett Anningson

For most of her artistic career Laurie drew with graphite. Then six years ago she discovered the joy of acrylics and has gone from ultra-realism to whimsical and playful compositions. With influences ranging from Alex Colville to Gustav Klimt it is hard to peg her down on style; yet she borders on a contemporary realism that is always seeking to allow the inner essence to peak through the created mask of colour. Layers of paint, controlled dripping, and glossy adhesion from different angles all combine to create an organic abstract sense to her work, all the while capturing the beauty of the natural world in all its diversity.

Anastasia Kimmett
Let Me Tell You a Story
written by Brett Anningson

It is the originality of the process which really sets this artwork apart. Anastasia paints a number of paintings, both background and foreground, some just colours and others with design and then cuts them into long strips in order to rearrange them into a whole. The result is a landscape that comes alive and changes as the viewer changes perspective. For her it is the ultimate proof that a picture can tell a thousand words. Anastasia also believes she has found a mix between spontaneity and design which really works for her and brings the subject matter to life in unexpected ways. The truth that out of destruction comes creation is very evident in these beautiful paintings.

JD Evans
Beyond the Visual Sensation
written by Brett Anningson

There is something eerie and Picasso-esque in the work of this artist. Her work is spiritual, philosophical and engaging and begins from deep within her. It is almost as if JD dreams the work into life. She just begins to paint while an image emerges to float up or regress back into the layers; creating stunning creations, each one unique, which echo and evoke her deepest concerns. She has almost lived the life of a medieval troubadour, singing, modelling, painting... She has painted album covers for Gino Vanelli and toured art galleries in Europe, her life has been nothing short of eclectic and it is all of these influences which coalesce in her art.


The Algonquin Resort
St. Andrews-by-the-Sea
written by Debra Usher

Built in 1889 to welcome 1400 guests the Algonquin Hotel in St. Andrews was dubbed the ultimate summer vacation spot. Re-christened in 2014 after an extensive renovation The Algonquin Resort is one of Canada's most luxurious tourist destinations; rich in history and character it will continue to offer the opulence and splendour of yesteryear.

Kilmarnock Head

Living a Grand Life
written by Debra Usher

A residential community spread over
118 acres on a coastal peninsula that stretches into Passamaquoddy Bay, an inlet of the Bay of Fundy, a short 10-minute country drive northeast of historic St. Andrews New Brunswick, combines the privacy and seclusion of wooded lots on seaside escarpments while at the same time allowing a short drive into town. This is a well thought out community of houses which seek to create a positive ecological impact while offering the richness and diversity of the Atlantic Ocean as a backdrop.

Home for Sale: 54 Pentland Crescent, Ottawa

Prairie Style of Architecture

An incredible opportunity to own this iconic Beaverbrook home. Much admired and photographed, this unique residence was architecturally inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright and incorporates his design elements. Wrap around views from every room, vaulted ceilings, commanding central fireplace. Top quality Snaidero kitchen with cork flooring. Exquisite bathroom finishes. Located on a rock promontory overlooking parkland & golf course.


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