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Modernism article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
by Landy Design Group
& Everage Interior Design
written by Debra Usher

As with all the homes created by Richard Landry and Landry Design Group you are always amazed at how the home seems to effortlessly belong to the land upon where it sits. Whether modern, classic, rural country or cutting edge the property and the home go together, the relationship is very clear. The landscape enhances the architecture and the grounds lead to the magnificent home. As we explore this modern classic home and start to see how the house is a frame for the beauty of the art outside and the art contained within its walls. Modernism in harmony with art marks the beauty of this home designed by the Landry Design Group

Mont Tremblant article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
by Landy Design Group
Interior Design by Catherine Condoroussis & Chantal Chamandy
written by Debra Usher

This beautiful wooded site chosen on the edge of Lake Tremblant presented a unique opportunity for Landry Design Group to set singer/entertainer Chantal Chamandy and her family's home among existing mature trees and boulder outcroppings while also providing generous outdoor recreational space and expansive views across the lake. This residence was designed to echo traditional architectural elements such as those that are found in the older English and French Country-style estates of Montreal and sited to nestle into the surrounding area. The residence makes the most of the natural and man-made elements to showcase a house that is truly magnificent.

Modern in Berkshire article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
by Gregory Phillips Architects
written by Debra Usher

Gregory Phillips Architects designed the building, interiors and landscaping of this substantial modern country house along the banks of the River Thames in Berkshire. By working closely with the clients, Gregory has created a contemporary family home that connects seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. The design was inspired by traditional country houses with adjoining stable yards - but brings modern touches and architecture to the fore. The use of light and dark, warmth and cold are all played off each other in a design that is open and oddly natural despite its modern styling.


Spring article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
written by Cynthia Reyes

Spring is a time of rebirth with flowers poking their way through snow crusted earth. Cynthia poetically captures the beauty and the mystery while evoking memories of previous springs. Her ideal spring is spring itself. "I'll put up with the voles and moles in the lawn," she says, "the rabbits, the mosquitoes and even too much rain, as long as spring arrives, bearing its gifts: the sights, smells and sounds that herald a whole new beginning." Spring explodes forth in the beauty of flowers captured beautifully in the poetic words of Cynthia Reyes .

Scott Wentworth Landscaping article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
Projects by Wentworth Landscapes
Photography by Robert Harris
written by Debra Usher

How we see the landscape around our property is different than how our parents and grandparents saw it. We have gone from green grass and perhaps a garden to actual living spaces out of doors. Explore how design can be played out in forest, with a view, and how to refresh an old fashioned yard. Different outdoor landscapes are explored as part of creating a beautiful home

Fireplaces article by Decorator Den in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
images by Decorator Den
by Debra Usher

One of the biggest problems with regards to fireplaces in a room - whether you are planning a new house or have an existing fireplace that you are working around - is how to put the furniture in the room to maximize the fireplace heat and glow but still have a functioning and beautiful room. This photo essay presents a myriad of ideas from the Decorating Den which will allow you to appreciate the true beauty of the humble and functional fireplace.


Mike Svob article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
A Painter's Journey
written by Mike Svob

Mike Svob believes that technique is a huge part of art. There is a sense that you can see who Mike is as you look at the way he paints. In his words he has "always strived to show the hand of the creator in the work. The brushwork, texture or odd shape that is obviously out of context with the overall impact is the signature of the hand of the painter." There is a sense that Mike is using the basic way we understand the world as a technique behind his work - it is emotional and visual.

Kathryn_Amisson article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
Inspired by the Beauty of the Land
written by Brett Anningson

A journey of creativity has led Kathryn Amisson from pastels, through animal portraits to painting landscapes. Originally her painting she was always trying to replicate a certain beach or recognizable area; now, however, she focuses on the light and pattern of the clouds and water formations creating images that are full of passionate colours and provide an exciting impact for the viewer. Her work captures emotion and movement in a way that highlights the play of light and darkness in a prairie sky, a western beach, or a mountain scene.

Adele Campbell ARABELLA Spring2015

Gallery 8 Arabella Spring2015

Halin de Repentigny article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
The Rough Road to Independence
written by Brett Anningson

Independence has always influenced the works of Halin de Repentigny whether it was the challenges he faced growing up in Montreal or the challenges of surviving the winter on the trap lines of Canada's North. This Quebec artist brings the outdoors to life, showing the wildness, the untamed beauty of the landscape in a way which echoes Halin's own sense of adventure. Echoes of the group of seven leaps off the canvas with bold colours and sweeping brushstrokes. Yet within it all is an untamed mystery waiting to be explored.

Vladimir_Horvik article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
Private Van Gogh
written by Brett Anningson

Born in Alberta of Ukrainian parents, on Valentine's Day in 1939; Vladimir grew up on the Prairies and later in the Rocky Mountains, which gave him a deep love of both the majestic lowlands and towering peaks of each tableau. Art was always inside of him, but it did not, at first, seem like a career. He joined the military and began to travel - then one day, on the spur of the moment, bought some paints - and started capturing the world around him in beautiful and colourful splendour. Now living in Quebec his creations have a unique style which highlights the colour and wonder of the local landscape.

Au Petit Bonheur in Arabella Spring 2015

Halin Repentigny in ARABELLA Spring2015


Olivia Beaumont article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
Beautiful Animal Stories
written by Debra Usher

The work of Olivia Beaumont allows us to see animals in a whole new light. It is as if she creates medieval portraits of noble beasts. There is a baroque style and characterization that, for the viewer, invites an imaginative journey into another realm. "My portraits of beasts, barbarians, and nobles are interchangeable with the myriad of tragic and sensitive souls I meet," says Olivia. "Some really do walk on four legs, and others I know only between the waking hours, but I dignify them all with portraits." Thus Guinea pigs and giraffes, wolves and pigs take on new roles and invite us into a world of whimsy.

Tina_Newlove article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
To See the World as Poetry
written by Debra Usher

Tina is a visual artist, a poet, and a performance artist all wrapped into one fireball of creativity. The strange thing is, she never really felt a sense of connection to art for the longest time. Then she encountered surrealism and abstract art. All of a sudden the universe made sense. From then on nothing could keep her from creating. Tina's paintings have a sense of motion and mystery. The background moments of day-to-day life contribute to the steady hum of energy in her work. All in all, it is poetry come to life in image - and imagery as a poem.

The Gallery Upstairs in Arabella Spring 2015

Olivia Beaumont In Arabella Spring 2015

Blair Paul article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
From Comic Books to Frontiers
written by Brett Anningson

The source of inspiration for his art has always been nature. In one way or another it is the things that he encounters throughout his life that bring him a sense of beauty and wonder. Blair grew up in the country, and he was always outside. His father would take him fishing, or point out trees and plants, and for Blair, the enjoyment of being outside just never wore off. His current series, Frontiers, has its roots all the way back in 1984 when the news of environmental destruction and acid rain began to creep into Blair's consciousness. The images that followed on canvas were spontaneous and organic, with manmade architectural elements infringing on nature through symbolic shapes.

Hessam Abrishami article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
Dancing with Colour
written by Debra Usher

As a 10 year old student in Iran, Hessam was first asked to draw a picture. The rest has been a journey in movement and colour. Dancing off the canvas in stunning, almost surreal style these beautiful paintings bring the characters to life in vivid movement. He uses colour without intention because the colour is the meaning that he is reaching for. The meaning dictates how the colour comes. "The colour becomes obvious to me as I paint," says Hessam. "If you were to watch me paint, you would see that I start by putting colour on top of colour all around the canvas."

Chasen Gallery in ARABELLA Spring 2015

Blair T Paul In ARABELLA Spring 2015


Maya Eventov article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
Creating Life
written by Brett Anningson
Colour on colour, blended or pure, twisting and turning beneath the palate knife to rise from the canvas in a surge of life. Maya Eventov does not so much paint as create. Leaping from the canvas her work evokes not merely the scene, but the passion of life itself. A passion that comes from the artist. "There are no sketches or photographs," Maya explains, "I am not looking at anything when I paint. My creative process depends on me imagining where I want to be at the moment and depicting it... It leaves me puzzled sometimes as I discover things that are familiar to me from my previous experiences, but when I paint I rely on my senses taking over and letting things appear on canvas. It is exhilarating and an adrenalin rushing process.

Anthony Batten article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
Crowning Achievements
written by Lori Lee Steiner

Harkening back to the work of the Masters, the architectural and landscape paintings of Anthony Batten play with light and colour to such intricate detail that they are a thing of wonder. Spontaneous trips have energized some of Tony's best work, impassioned by the built environment... old time-worn structures with character. Favourite destinations include Newfoundland, New Zealand, Rome, Venice, Munich, Vienna and Boston. At home, he is "very fond of the Club"... Toronto's historic Arts & Letters Club. His work shows the city scape in vivid ways and captures a unique vision of our world highlighted through man made edifices capturing natural light.

Westmount Gallery in ARABELLA Spring 2015

Crescent Hill in ARABELLA Spring 2015

Valerie Butters article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
The Spirit of Freedom
written by Brett Anningson

Beautiful floral paintings defy realism by evoking a sense of freedom in the work of Valerie Butters. Expression influenced by surrealism allows Valerie to create in a way that expresses her constant quest for freedom of expression and the passion to let her subconscious take control. The creative act for her is just that, creation and she never knows where the painting will take her. But the end result is a dreamscape of floral beauty.

Alan Wylie article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
Everything is Paintable
written by Debra Usher

The work of artist Alan Wylie defies categorization, perhaps because of its flexibility. You find a lot of artists who have a favourite: a favourite medium, a favourite location, a favourite subject matter. Alan is not one of them. He believes with his whole heart that everything is paintable. This goes for the medium as well. Alan works in oils, acrylics and watercolours, painting everything from small portraits right through to huge murals. It is the subject matter that defines the medium. His style is also influenced by the subject but there is a sense of harmony and aesthetic perfection that flows through all of Alan's work.

Peninsula Gallery in ARABELLA Spring 2015

Tutt Street Gallery in ARABELLA Spring 2015

Don Li article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
The Realism of Dreams
written by Brett Anningson

An art critic once described the work of Don Li as being almost photographic at first glance. But then you start to get drawn into the work and the artist's use of line and colour almost seems surreal. It is as if this is a realistic painting of a dream, which is exactly the intent. "I paint children and women from the back and mostly do not show their face," explains Don, "because I want to give the viewer more of a sense of imagination. They see the figure pose but they have to imagine the facial expression." "I hope to express solitude, harmony, and peace," he continues, "a world of spirits. " And this world is where I would like to escape into."

Ivan Wheale article in the Spring 2015 issue of ARABELLA
The Magic of Passion
written by Hugh Kruzel

How does one become an artist? Who better to ask than Ivan Wheale. Prolific and professional, he knows his craft. Now in his 80's he is the touchstone for information on the power of the Muse to change how you see the world and the life you lead in it. "As far back as I can ever remember I drew and interpreted the world through pencil and watercolour." When he was in the Royal Air Force he toured The National Gallery and had major awakening. But it was seeing a travelling exhibition of Van Gogh at the Art Gallery of Ontario that revived that realization that he had been denying something so fundamental, so vital, that without its pursuit he was not whole.

Perivale Gallery in ARABELLA Spring 2015

White Rock Gallery in Spring 2015


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